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Hello Everyone,

I've been having a very hard time browsing this forum lately, and I was wondering if anyone else has been having problems. It seems to be very slow, and I don't know if it's something going on with my computer or if the forum server is slower than usual. Each time I click on a forum topic, it takes a long time to appear on my screen. I've tried it in Internet Explorer and Firefox, and the same thing happens. I have a new computer that came with the Vista-64 Bit operating system (which is a royal pain in the behind) I don' know if it's some unknown setting on my computer that's getting in the way or if there is something else going on.

Is anyone else having a problem?

Yes, the same in here - the response times are very slow (often so slow that I just give up). It's a pity because these forums are otherwise great.

I think that these issues will put people off coming here which would be a real shame.

BTW, I have Vista too (the worst operating system I have used).
Hey CCafe, it's cold in here... I've changed my avatar to suit the icy blue board.

Also, the www buttons below each post made things convenient for checking out other members' websites, mine included. Will we get those in here again?

Otherwise, hmmm.... I dunno....
Hi Coffeepotato,

Thanks for responding. I'm glad it's not just me.

I'm really upset because I wanted to save up to buy a good coffee bean roaster, and I ended up having to buy another computer.....and to top it off, I got stuck with Vista and I hate it !

Last night when I was having such a hard time viewing the coffee forum postings, I was ready to throw the computer out of the window. In a way it's good to hear that the forum is slow, but I hope it will be fixed soon.

Maybe this is an exercise in learning how to be patient. Unfortunately, it's not working, because I bet lots of us are giving up after waiting for the forum pages to open.

As Mr. Biscotti says, "It's cold in here."
I think everyone got tired of waiting, and they went home.

As with every upgrade there are growing pains. I think we have made it through this one unscathed as well. The request for the PM's to conform to the size of your screen and word wrap has already been submitted. As well as a request to have the Smilies reinstalled.

The server was very slow in the beginning, they were running other functions for other websites on the same sever as the They have sorted those out now and the response time is almost instantaneous. I haven't had any more complaints form the color scheme so I'm assuming everyone is okay with it.

The biggest differences between this version and the last version are on the back end. This version has introduced a lot of tools that have simplified the role of a moderator. There is about 90% less porn spam then we were receiving on our old version. Also being able to work with members on a individual basis and solve problems relating to their accounts has been made a lot easier. Before if someone was banned it could take a very long time to find in the mess they called a control panel. Now its a simple as a few clicks.

If you are still having problems with a feature please send me PM so I can see if its some thing we can fix right away or need to put a request in for.
That's a good thing about being a new kid in school. You don't know any different.