New to the Coffee Scene.....


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Feb 11, 2008
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Hi all, how ya doing?

I recently got another location where I am going to serve coffee with my Cheesecakes.

I do not like coffee and am new to it.

I know about latte''s, mocha''s, etc....

I basically what something VERY simple. Maybe 5 different types of coffee.

My menu would consist of something like.

Caffee Latte
Carmel Latte
Cafe Mocha
and a seasonl coffee.

I would also have a couple frozen drinks.

I want to keep it simple, but want my customers to have something to drink when they are eating my cheesecake :D

Anways, what is my best approach do you think? Is there a way I could get a way with a bare minimum for awhile?

any suggestions would be great.....thanks