New website and coffee company for review


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Nov 5, 2007
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I''ve been a reader of these forums for quite a while now and I hope this topic is in the right area!

I''ve started a company called Goats In Trees Coffees and would not only love some critical feedback of my site, but also to find some brave individuals looking to try our caffeine-enhanced coffee or any of our other seven initial roasts. All of our coffee is roasted the day it is shipped by a quality roaster here in the Midwest.

We''re a small company that has the typical goals of any coffee company; get the business, start a shop, move on to world domination.

Additionally, I do work as a website designer so if I can help any of you let me know! I''m at the stage of \"knowing enough to be dangerous!\"

Thanks for all the great info this site provides! :-D


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Mar 22, 2007
Seattle, WA
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If you'd be willing to ship, I'd be happy to do a tasting of your coffee. My body isn't affected much by caffeine so It should be fine.

What's the url to your site? I do some light web work too so I could give you an opinion or two.