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Dec 7, 2007
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Hi everyone...I found this forum while doing some searching on the web and I have to say it''s a wealth of information...I have read through a lot of the posts, but have a few questions that I''m hoping I can get some help with.

I currently work as a graphic designer and I am happy with my job but I''ve been feeling the desire to do something different for a while passion is baking and cooking, but I''m well aware that being a chef is a nightmare so I have no desire to do that. I have been thinking about possibly opening a bakery or cafe, but have just really seriously started thinking about it...

Now I have absolutely no retail or restaurant experience...all my jobs have always been office I was planning to get a part time job in a bakery after the holidays and to also take a restaurant/cafe class to learn more about the business and to help me gain an understanding of what I''m in store for.

How does this relate to coffee??? Sorry! I came across a coffee shop/cafe for sale in the resort town where we own a condo (and where we were planning on moving FT in the next year or so). This is a small but very vibrant resort town, and this is the only coffee shop around for at least 10 has been in business for quite a while and has gone through some extensive renovations, it''s in a great location and has had substantial growth in the last four/five years. I contacted the real estate it''s listed with for information and got some basic info, but I can''t get financials unless I sign a confidentiality agreement. There is room for further growth, as it''s only open til 6, and there is room for entertainment/meals etc...

Now, I realize that with my lack of experience, I''m in no position to pursue this (though I will admit I have had moments of really wanting to) so my questions are: how much easier is it to purchase a business that''s already up and running? What should I look for in a business that''s for sale? Asides from working in the field, how else can I prepare? I am NOT a coffee guru - though I know the basics, I cannot lie and say that I''m an expert by any means...would it be stupid to even pursue a coffee shop if I''m not a coffee fiend? (I only ask as this is more of a cafe - though they serve many types of coffee, they do a fairly brisk business with baked goods and sandwiches, etc). Do I have to be a coffee guru even if it already has an established client base/quality product?

Thank you everyone, I apologize for the long post!!