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Dec 30, 2010
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Hi there guys.
A month ago, I got my Cuisinart Espresso machine, which I really like and take care of.
I went to the local Starbucks, and asked for help as to what coffee beans to buy. I ended up having their xmas bland espresso beans - the one in the pinkish/purplish package. I really like its taste, but the problem is that they are not selling it any more.
I know that people order their beans online and get to taste different kinds of flavors from all over the world and I really want to do the same. The problem here is that there are so many websites and so many different types of flavor that I very easliy get lost.
Is there a major websites though which it's acceptable to order the beans?
Can someone recommend an interesting flavor / types of beans I should start my online shopping which?
Maybe a site with costumer's feedback from which I'll be able to learn?
Xmas BLAND (your spelling, not mine as I know you mean blend) would certainly be right... or Yuletide Charcoal. I can't recommend flavored coffee as I cut that out of my coffee world years ago. Took awhile but I learned that non-bastardized coffee can be quite tasty if truly fresh and prepared in a decent manner.

If you want to order FRESH beans there are many nationally known microroasters that have fantastic offerings. Don't just take what is available locally as being as good as it gets. Later!
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Thanks shadow.

Can you recommend websites from which I will be able to purchase beans?

Sorry I had some typos; the tedious subscription to this website hit my patient threshold.... Happens.

Anyhow, yours, or others, recommendation(s) for a "legit" online store will be appreciated.


Some reputable online craft roasters would be Metropolis, Intelligentsia, Counter Culture, Coffee Klatch just to name a few. One that is creating quite a bit of attention on various forums as of late is Red Bird Coffee, for their great product/pricepoint. Some take a different approach to roasting than do others. I've recently sampled some espresso blends that sort of indicate where the current espresso trend is heading (from a nationally recognized roaster I won't name) and it was very disappointing. Years ago espresso seemed to be in the dark/oily/bitter category. Then things seemed to change to the more sought after chocolate/caramel taste profile. Now it seems as though some are headed into the fruit/wine/citrus realm with specialty roasting and I for one don't like any of it thusfar!

Point is there are MANY coffees to try. I'd also recommend you try to find a roaster local to you and go from there (if possible that is) as that should be a better experience than simply buying from online. There may also be specialty shops near you that carry truly fresh product. ALWAYS look for an actual roast date and never an expiration date. Later!