Non Espresso, Espresso Drinks


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Apr 8, 2007
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I'm going to be running a small coffee stand at a church fundraising event. Unfortunately my espresso machine isn't big enough to cater for the ammount of people it would need to do so.

So I was thinking would espresso based drinks such as cappuccinos mochas and lattes still taste good if espresso strength coffee was used from a caftetiere. I realise that they wouldn't taste the same as espresso is a process. However apart from that the drinks would be created in the exact same way. Same syrups, steamed milk ect.

This would probbaly bring the problem of naming the drinks, although some people wouldn't taste the difference it would be wrong to call a latte a latte if there was no espresso in there.

I'd be grateful if someone could advise me on whether a non espresso cappuccino would be any good and what I could possibly call it.

I guess its a technicality, but by definition a cappuccino, latte etc's core component is the espresso base. No espresso means it would become caffe au laite or simiar. I think also using a caffetiere/french press is not going to produce a coffee base that is going to stand up through the steamed milk/foam- no matter how strong you try and make it. The espresso extraction process is unique, and you just will not be able to duplicate it using the press.

Maybe it would be better to try and hire a bigger machine for the event? Better to do this than compromise your standards and reputation. You never know, the reverend may have a passion for macchiato's and will pick your plunger based drinks apart.