Nuova Simonelli Mia Problem


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Nov 3, 2005
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Hi all,

I've just purchased a second-hand Mia. The claim was that it was a gift and had never been used. From looking at it that seems likely.

Now that I have fired it up I have a problem. I've followed the directions in the user manual and the first time it worked, but now ... The Mia does not have a self-priming pump, so when I first filled it with water I primed it as per the instructions. Water came out of the steam wand and the group as the instructions indicated. I then ran water through the group as if I were making coffee. I then followed the directions for making steam and it seemed to steam quite well, except that when I turned the steam switch off it kept steaming for about 30-40 seconds. Eventually the steam fizzled out.

Now, I can get water to run through the group to make coffee, but I can't get it to make any more steam. If I follow the directions for making steam I get a few drips of water out of the steam wand. If I keep pressing the steam buttons for about a minute steam starts to come out from near the group but nothing other than a few drips from the steam wand.

Any ideas as to what has caused my problem? Any suggestions for fixing this?

Thanks for your help.