Objectives & Keys to Success


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Apr 23, 2007
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Hi everyone,

I’m new to forum, looking forward to make new friends in the café biz. I’m in the process of writing a business plan for my café in South Florida.

I’m interested in conducting a small survey on two subjects

Objectives and Keys to success.

I would like to know what your Objectives and Keys to success stated when you first started and how have the differentiated since then?

Thanks in advanced,


Comfy Place

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Jul 15, 2006
Bloomer, Wisconsin
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business plan


The pat answer that you'll get on objectives is "to make money and stay in business". But really, you'll need to decide for yourself exactly what your personal objectives for the business are. Do you want to be more of an artist-centered place? Do you want to focus on environmental issues? Do you want to educate people about the nature of how coffee is grown and to try and help those people make a sustainable living for generations? Perhaps you just want to provide a hangout for people. Ultimately, YOU have to decide on what objectives you want for your place. As for ours, we want a place where people can relax and get away from all of the things that distract us, like TV, cell phones, internet, etc..

As for keys to succeeding, that will depend on your unique location. Are there already established chains or independants near you? How easy is it to get to your potential location? What do you need to offer that would bring people in? There are other, more general keys to success as well, such as ongoing education and training. Much of what you are asking about is individualized for each independant coffee house, so we won't be able to assist you perhaps as much as you were hoping.

John P

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Jan 5, 2007
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The 'Keys to Success' are in 'putting quality first' in the planning before you open and in 'maintaing quality' in the details after you open.

Quality of Product. Quality of Knowledge. Quality of Service. Quality of Location. Quality of Marketing. Quality of Store Design... etc.
Reflect your core on all levels.