Oh, THAT's why I'm Bald!!!


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Sep 24, 2012
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So, had a friend send me an article on male pattern baldness and how it's caused by this and that, and he said that with the coffee I drink, I shouldn't have gone bald!

Well, apparently, he's right.. Here's the article:

Coffee & Hair Loss | LIVESTRONG.COM

Although, I could never drink 60 cups of coffee in a day, nor would it be recommendable to do so!

Although, I guess I should have listened about the coffee shampoo concoction... I poo poo'd it away and guess now I'm bald for it!

Man... Oh well.. It's a style.. Bald coffee drinkers :) Women love them so.... Tough toodles!

Some other famous bald coffee drinkers:

Bruce Willis
Samuel L Jackson
Denzel Washington

and I am sure there are others... So while coffee may not have helped me keep my hair, and doesn't show signs of helping me grow it back anytime soon, I'll have to settle on the flavor...