one yr delay unboxing and setup of MCR-1 but ready to start roasting


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Apr 10, 2022
Huntsville AL
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Hi, due to several unforeseen events and circumstances we are finally getting our MCR-1 up and running.
The MCR-1 was uncrated but never installed for over a year. It was shipped to me in another state and i'm working
to get it setup and running. I'm ready to do the seasoning, thanks to many bloggers and a few MC youtube

I'm excited about the prospects and eager to get it started but I'm finding the lack of information on operating
the MCR-1 very frustrating--digital and analog gauges on the equipment with no explanation how to read, adjust,
or use before and during roasting. I'll be trying to seek some answer in another thread.

My computer resources are Linux based so I'm using Artisan, although the RoastPath app looks interesting. MC
has been kind enough to give me an old (?) config file for Artisan but looks like it'll need some further adjustments since it
isn't showing sensor readings.

If you are a MCR-1 user/owner please send me any help, hints, or suggestions you have getting started.

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