Opening a Coffee shop and need some help...


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Jun 26, 2007
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New to the sight though I have skimmed it a lot. My borther and I are in the planning stages of our coffee shop and we had a few questions...

1) Which machine to buy? It is going to be a low-mid volume coffee shop and we were looking at the Conti twin Star 2. Is this a good machine or is there a better machine for the same price or cheaper?

2) Which brand of grinder should I go with? Experiences?

3) Who are some good roasters? I have looked into Phoenix and Lexington. Has anyone had any experience and who are some other quality roasters?

4) What should I use for a house blend?

5) Monin or Torani?

I think that is all for now, please let me know so we can continue withour business plan.


Nov 3, 2004
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You may want to read more of the past articles on this site before focusing so narrowly on the questions posed in your message; use the 'search' command for terms like "startup" or "new" or other keywords that may otherwise relate to starting a business as a good guide to sort through the massive amount of data that you will find here.

Those questions are going to change after you have done a little more research.

Good luck with the new business,