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May 8, 2004
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Very new to this try to be quick with details.
I live south of Houston and my husband and I have decided to open a drive-thru only shop. We have the location and will start building this week. the location is on a busy street, I counted on weekday morning at 8:30 and found 300 cars every 5 min. Tourist season should even be more. There are two Starbucks and two independents they are usually pretty busy. I talked to a distributor and he said that drive-thrus have not taking off here. Just wondering if anyone knows why there are not more drive-thrus around here? Could any one offer any opinions? :grin:
Also anyone sell Krispy Kreme donuts at their shop?

Thank you
"Happy Mother's Day" to all of the Moms out here...

Congrats on your decision to open a drive thru...Following up on your comment..."I counted on weekday morning at 8:30 and found 300 cars every 5 min. "

Just think of how many more cars come through on the morning drive staring about 5 a.m.! Who knows for sure why drive thrus haven't taken off there? Be the FIRST! You may be the one to change all of that around! Go for it :D
Texas Drive Thru Coffee Shop

Greetings reighn110102!
Welcome to Coffee Forums, we're proud to have another coffee shop owner with us here. The amount of cars sounds crazy and good traffic!

Do you have any promotions or promotional ways to get people coming or will you setup shop and have people see it and flock to the drive-thru?

Once built and setup you have to take some photographs and put them on here if you have questions on how to do it send me a private message :)