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Sep 7, 2006
Montreal, Canada
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This is my first post, but I've been reading through the forum for a couple of weeks now. Here is my background: my husband and I purchased an ice cream shop in April, which had about 500 sq.ft. of undeveloped space in the back. Since we're in Quebec and it gets mighty cold here early, we decided to use the space to incorporate a children's party/adult meeting room and cafe into the business to get us through the winter. I had no intention of getting into real coffee barista-type service - just drip coffee, pastries and soups. Then the idea snowballed into making speciality drinks with espresso. Since we sunk every cent we had into the ice cream business, we're starting the cafe portion on a very very small budget. We're changing up the decor to be more appealing, putting in internet, etc. The potential for a real 'coffeehouse' is huge... we're in a suburb with a population of about 50,000, and only two Canadian franchise coffee shops who serve only powder-type cappuccinos. Here's my problem - I thought I found a great coffee resource in a roaster who would sell me the beans, ground coffee, etc. and rent me the machines. I can't afford a 'real' espresso machine, so I agreed to rent an automatic (Saeco Vienna Deluxe) with option to buy. The roasting company visited my establishment and suggested a drip machine and the espresso machine. It's all delivered and I'm playing with it, but I've quickly realized this is not what I need. Or is it? I'm feeling 'had' by the roaster. Does anyone think I can make it through the winter with this tiny machine? I am not a huge coffee drinker, so I can't even say if the espresso it is producing is good or not. Tastes fine to me once I've added syrup and milk! :? And finally, if you've read this far - how much espresso should I be making each of the following drinks sizes with - 8oz, 12oz and 16oz? I'm guessing one ounce for 8, 1.5oz for 12 and 2 for 16? Good grief... what have I gotten myself into?

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coffee woes

Icecream drinks require a very flavorful espresso. What kind of budget are you on? I think if you can get out of whatever contract you are under it would be a good idea. I'm not bashing the suplier you have but if you are that unsure about what you need you may need to keep your options more open than a costly contract can offer.

8oz=1 shot
as a general rule. Really its just to taste.
how much did they charge you for this machine? Who was it that set you up with this? They should have told you this is a home unit. I googled the machine and first price I was was $540. Did they sell you the drip machine too..if it is mr. coffee you need to call them and shove it down their throats. I sent you an email..hit me up if you have any questions..hope it helps!