Organic grade One coffee from Ethiopia


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Aug 20, 2017
I am new to this forum and to coffee business while growing in Ethiopia, the country which is the origin of cofffee.
I am launching my coffee bean sell business with direct collaboration of organic coffee farms in Ethiopia. I have a collection of organic coffee from Ethiopia directly from the farm where most of the producers are women.
These sun dried and semi washed coffee are organic and high in quality.
I do provide raw as well as roasted for whole sale as well as retail
The business is registered in Amsterdam.
Website follow soon
Please email me if you are interested
kind regards,


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Aug 20, 2017
Dear Ensoloina,

thanks for your prompt replay.
I am willing to work together and sharing our experience which is powerful in my opinion
I wil try to answer your questions

1.I do work with big farmers as well as small farmers who do own their own low scale farm
the owner of one of the big farmer Who is also a woman who struggled a lot to reach where she is today
havec taken initative to represent these small
scale family farmers to be able sale their coffee with good price. Since most
of the work done by women she even make sure that the women get acesss to
the family bank where income from the coffee is deposited.
Among other farms this farm is the main farm I am working with.
I would like to do a rewarding business wherbij all parties are happy. By the way my masters 20 years ago' Women perspective in Africa' the argument was that women do not get their share for the labor spending inside and at the same time outside of the house. I am happy at least to work with a women owned farm who do represent alll thes

2. Most of the work in a cofffee farms in Ethiopia is done from harvesting, drying etc
it is labour intensive and organic. Our coffee touches a machine
only when it is roasters until then all work is done by hand. Most of these works are performed by women

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