Oven Roasting


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Nov 19, 2006
Pittsburgh, Pa
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Hello! I'm new to the board, but have frequented alt.coffee for a long time. I've been roasting for several years, but haven't really tried anything too adventurous in a while, so...

Can anyone offer any hints for oven roasting? Never tried it (I've only ever used hot air poppers). I have a gas oven, but I'm not sure what to put the beans on. I've read different things while browsing the web. A pizza screen? Also, what should the oven be preheated to? Will I hear cracks? I know this is a "harsher" way to roast and I'll get an uneven roast at best, so what type of beans will best stand up to this treatment? I have a French roast blend from Sweet Maria's that I'm considering.

I realize this will be a lot of trail and error, but I'd like as good a start as possible. Thanks for any help at all!