Overpressure when first turn on machine early morning. La marzocco linea pb x. Any solution

If it were me, I would replace the broken/damaged pressure gauge. I don't know how difficult it is to get to the gauge but a replacement isn't that expensive and you need to know the pressures. Also, I did a quick internet search and a new gauge is about $50
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Where can you get for 50 dollar. Here cost around 65 dollars.
This is what happen when la marzocco principal uses distributors where they do not have services. Those are the worst service you can get.
I did a web search and saw a couple of sellers that were around $50 (and as high as $120) but when you factor in shipping your local price of $65 is good.
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We could find parts from distributors most of times. The good things, there is other la marzocco distributor in the country. otherwise i need to sell my machine. Since i would not able to find parts anymore.
Thanks for the help again