Sadly, only liquid, no steamed froth


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Oct 18, 2014
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What a sad 3 months we've had!

We've own a La Marzocco Linea FB 70 for about a year and a half. All was well until about three months ago when ALL froth was liquid, barely air-expanded from the steam.

Here is the strange thing: At first, we chalked it up to atmosphere, but after a week or so nothing changed. So we worried about the milk having change formulas. We changed to another milk that worked for us also in the past and got the same liquid-only froth result. ***NOT ONE VARIABLE HAS CHANGED: Temp/pressure is still 1.5 and 9, machines makes perfect espresso, our frothing pitchers haven’t changed, our water has not changed, our filters haven’t changed, out methods haven’t changed (actually, I’m the only Barista and not one technique I use changed between good froth and the liquid-only we have now), placement of machine has been the same, cups are the same, coffee beans the same, same grinder (although that won’t affect froth really), …

EVERY CUP is now an extreme caffe latte and NOT one cappuccino in three months - I am not exaggerating.

We hear no hissing indicating leaks anywhere. No drips indicating internal leaks we can’t hear.

***Can you suggest some things we can try so we can get our beloved froth back once again?

Thanks so much,

Greg Perry