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Apr 19, 2005
cocoa beach, fl
I want to buy a new panini grill and I'm looking at the nuova simonelli p2l. Has anyone used this grill? It's it the price range I want to spend. What are you using and what type of luck have you had with it? Any suggestions....



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Nov 3, 2004
I own a P1L (single 110v) and have worked with the P2Ls and their counterparts under different brands extensively in the past -- good grill, easy to operate and very stable. Only a few extremely rare problems: specifically, the thermostats can get a little sticky; however, these normally fail within the first few weeks if they will fail at all.

The grills are private labeled for NS by Sirman (you'll see that they are identical). Both operate identically.

Check eBay for the best price.

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