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I''ve got a 2.5 kg Aerabica 2000R electric roaster which needs a new on/off switch and is proving a real challenge to hunt down. Does anyone else out there have the same roaster? I know it''s a 2 pole 20 amp on/off switch but the exact size I don''t know. The electrical suppliers I''ve visited don''t have the larger size switches, they stock slightly smaller though similar looking ones.
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The switch has been found after much emailing, calling and bothering many people...hazards of buying a 2nd hand roaster no longer in production.

Where did you stay at Whakapapa? We spent each year at Ruapehu Ski Club, great location right at the top of the 1st chair.

What are the chances of getting a sample of Merdeka green beans to Raetihi? I've not tried Indonesian beans before, mostly been sourcing through Trade-Aid in Wellington.

Actually...are the importing of green beans through customs a 'major'?
We mainly skiied Turoa (from Wellington it was obviously closer, and it was the field I learnt on). I was at Vic, there was a ski club hut that we stayed on at Whakapapa that was owned, or at least I guess rented by the club. All reallygood fun. I miss skiing alot- 1 years in the tropics wto you!

Not sure why the greens are seemingly imported only by brokers or really big roasters. From my experience its not that hard to import green (no tax or duty on green for NZ, only 15% on roasted coffee). We currently do not have anyone importing green to NZ, but we are very, very close to doing something with a major NGO well represented there... so I will keep you posted.