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Dec 7, 2005
Cupertino, CA
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Hello I am a highschool student of Monta Vista Highschool and doing a advertising campaign on Peet's coffee and tea. If you want me to do well in this project please answer the following *please be nice! I procastinated and now I have to really rush on writing this and interviewing the company.. pity me I'm only a freshman and yet I must do a advertising campaign..first time writing it too! So help the poor stupid freshie and make her happy *

1)How do you know about Peet's coffee oris this the first time you ahve ever heard of it?
2)If you have been to Peet's what do you think of their customer service?
3)Have you ordered their products online and got it shipped? How was it? Did they send it on time? Was the product of good quality?
4) Do you know about ecups? their Peet's card and gift certificates? Have you used them? Do you find them useful?
5) Is there anything else that you would like to comment or criticize about Peet's? :grin: