Please help- Need advice on Start-Up costs...


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Feb 15, 2005
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I am opening a coffee shop later this year. I know this is really an open question with lots of variables. However, what do you think the average cost of equipment averages in a new shop. Just equipment, grinders, espresso makers, refridge, sinks....25K? could this cover it or am I looking significantly more. I want good quality stuff, not the best, but good.
Thanks for you response and if you simply want to shout out a number without any description, that is fine as well. I will take all advice.
Thanks and Cheers


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Feb 28, 2005
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I have not done this in a while, but nobody else has offered so I will try.
May be someone will save if I miss to much!
This is getting great deals on some of this
under counter frig $1500
2 Good used Bean grinder 800
Air pot brewer 650
Air pots and rack with spares 400
Sink 3 compartment small 850
Espresso Machine 2 group semi new 5000 Could be much more or less.
Espresso Grinders 1100
3 kilo roaster top quality 8500

Then shelfs, bins, check out, ice maker,back room ref, dishwasher, coffee silos Espresso util. suplpies, twice as much money as you though and a way to live very cheap on love and Coffee!

You question might have just been the equipment.
so I'll stop the bull.

Good luck!