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Dec 27, 2004
Good Morning all!

I would like to know your opinion on Pod coffee makers. I'm trying to decide which one to buy - any experience? Which one would you recommend?

Thanks a bunch!



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Feb 23, 2004
Everett, WA
You must be talking about those one cup, coffee pod machines. I am not too sure about those I have been to afraid to buy one, as they dont look that great. :-D :)
Hmm...I think you will run into a wall of opposition from us roasters on this one. Why go for a pod machine when you can get freshly roasted (and ground) coffee from a roaster a block or two away from where you live? In my opinion the pod system is for folks who want to make espresso without understanding or really getting involved in the process....really I do not think that applies to anyone who posts on coffeeforums.com (meaning....posters here have real passion for the culture of coffee...) Anyway that is my opinion....fresh beats podded coffee hands down.


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
Pods are for restaurants that don't want to take the time to teach their employees on how to make good espresso. It is possible according to my boss to find a good pod, but I have yet to ever run across one! :shock:


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Dec 28, 2004
I can comment on one of the pod machines that I've tried, the Philips Senseo.

I'm not a coffee snob, but do love good coffee. The reality of getting good coffee in my area (even at SB) is usually nil, so I've been looking at getting an espresso machine. However, I thought I'd give the senseo a try first since it's considerably less expensive than a good espresso machine.

First, my hats off to the Philips marketing department for doing such a convincing job with the Senseo. But as for the actual machine, and the coffee it makes.... on word describes it - NASTY. They've tried so hard to fit a niche between drip brewers and espresso machine that they do neither well. I bought my machine, brought it home, washed it according to directions, and brewed the first cup. Horrid-bitter-weak-stale. So I tried using 2 pods, but brewing for just one cup, now it just took "weak" out of the aforementioned list.

The long and the short is, no matter what I tried, I couldn't get a drinkable cup of coffee from the Senseo. Within 3 hours of buying it, I was back at target getting my money back. Since then, I've heard from numerous other people who've had the same results.

My advice, stay away from them and spend the money on an espresso machine, or if your budget doesn't run that high, get a good French Press or MokaPot (stove top italian coffee maker) and some good beans.


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Jan 1, 2005
Lansale, PA
I would like to agree with the experience of Collective Ink. I do not target any specific brand of pod espresso makers. In general I do not agree with the idea of using Coffee pods. Coffee is not tea that can be packed or should be packed in tissue paper. Coffee is not dried leaf as tea is. Coffee beans go through a sensitive voyage for refinement before it can be enjoyed. Coffee beans go through a blending and specific roasting process. It should be used as quickly as possible after it is roasted and especially after it is ground. Good espresso and its taste is not in short cuts or excessive convenience as promoted by Pods supporters or vendors. Good espresso should also be not sacrificed due to short funds.

I recommend that you wait a few weeks and pool some funds to own a good espresso maker. You need only $350.00 for a decent new pump operated espresso maker that will give you the thrills of good espresso every day. If this budget is high, you can perhaps find one on e-bay for less than $150.00.


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Jan 8, 2005
Grayslake, Illinois
Pod Coffee Maker

Interesting. Maybe my palette is not as refined. I got a Senseo for Christmas and I rather like it. I got it only after three other people recommended to me. I have a press pot and fairly good espresso machine as well, but I still like it for its quickness and convenience. I'd be interested to see what further replies you get.


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Sep 30, 2004
I have a Senseo myself. I would be one of he people that loves it! I buy all of my pods from Cafepods.com though. The pods are all sealed in foil in pair sets and the resulting coffee from these gourmet pods is much better! As far as all of the single serve makers go....general opinion is that the Senseo is by far...the better choice.


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Jan 23, 2005
Pod Coffee

I've not done much research into this but what little I have done tells me that the Senseo pod system works very similarily to a tea bag. Therefore, once the coffee has been ground it is open to the atmosphere and not going to stay fresh for long.

However, this is not the case with the Nespresso range of coffee pods.

I was a long standing user of my 6year old $700 coffee machine yet it hadnt been steaming properly for quite a while and the boiler had become ineffecient (probably due to calcification etc i know). On Saturday I purchased the Magimix M200 Automatic - at the time this was due to the ease of its steamer whereby it has a milk feed pipe and settings for cappucing/latte. At the time I thought the pods would be a downer to my investment but have since made over 15cups of coffee in two days (not all for myself) due to its shear quickness and quality of product.
The coffee has a good flavour to it and froth is consistent every time using the automatic steamer.

Surely with a foil sealed pod system such as this the coffee grounds should have much less of a chance to degrade in quality since their atmosphere is sealed off.

- Will

NB: The machine in question can be found here:


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Mar 17, 2005
Re: Pod Coffee

willtwilson said:
I've not done much research into this but what little I have done tells me that the Senseo pod system works very similarily to a tea bag. Therefore, once the coffee has been ground it is open to the atmosphere and not going to stay fresh for long.


What are your thoughts about the single serve coffee makers that use those "K" cups? Unlike most pods, the K cups are vacuum packed and sealed...kind of like the Nespresso pods just described. I've been looking at the Keurig B50 model, which seems really well designed and made. I've also been looking at the Senseo, which seems to get a love or hate reaction...but most reviews of it have been quite good.

Anyone here own a Keurig B50? I'd be grateful for any comments...thanks!



Jan 7, 2005
MyEtoiles said:
I would like to know your opinion on Pod coffee makers. I'm trying to decide which one to buy - any experience? Which one would you recommend?

For a bar or restaurant, I would say that it is not allowed to use a pod machine for its quality drink offered to its clients. But for the office and personal use, it can be a good choice because not everyone would spend too much time and effort to learn how to make a perfect espresso. It fully depands on where you are.


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Apr 15, 2005
Well there are a few issues surrounding most Pod machines.

The first is that in the case of senso you are not getting the full flavour out of the espresso. The filter that surounds it does not allow all the "non" watersouluble oils to pass through. first the pressure is not enough to make it come out of the grind as it would in a better espresso maker and even if it did it would not get past the filter.

Another drawback is that it is these oils that come out and form crema. The Senso pod machine uses a clever device at the bottom to inject air into the coffee and creat a coffee foam. this is not real crema. and as such some of the taste is lost.

However, many specialty roasters have started using their own espresso and sending it off to manufactures where they can have it turned into pods of their own. These are superior because it starts with a base of espresso that is already better than most generic types. also most pod manufactures use the degasing process before sealing each pod individually.

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