Reusable ESE pods?


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Jan 7, 2024
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At a previous workplace we had a La Piccola mini coffee machine and it was an absolute workhorse that took all the abuse that 20 something IT workers gave it. It took ESE pods that we bought on a subscription system from a local company.

Recently I came across a cheap La Piccola Sara Vapore on marketplace and thought I'd buy it and figure out how to put my own ground coffee into it rather than ESE pods. ESE pods are not very common in Australia as Nespresso pretty much dominates the pod market, plus I don't like buying pre-ground coffee unless I have to. After purchasing this machine and taking the covers off it I see that there's no easy way to fit a portafilter basket into it so I'm looking at whether it's possible to get a refillable ESE pod.

TLDR: Does anywhere sell some type of refillable ESE pod?