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Oct 20, 2003
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Does anyone know the make and model of the New Potless Coffee Maker? I have seen it on television once and didn't get the name. If anyone knows what I'm talking about please help! Any info would be helpful.
Which channel did you see it advertised, where are you located country-wise?

A potless coffee maker? Would this make it in a cup itself or is it a pill you eat it and it makes a cup of coffee in your stomach?
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I was just flipping though the channels. I live in Providence, RI. I'm not joking around please help!
It looked exactly like a coffee maker only there was no pot. It had some type of container where it holds the coffee and dispense it into a cup???? It was a cross between a coffee maker with out the actual pot and an ice dispenser on some refrigerators. You would press the cup against a mechanism located where the pot usually is and coffee would fill your cup????
Please! Seriously I would really appreciate infomation on the product instead of jokes.
Whoa buddy maybe you should reconsider the whole POTless thing...or mabye switch to decaf...I found a commercial "liquid coffee maker"
I have also tasted this "potless"coffee...it is a liquid concetrate that is added to hot water...it will affect the flavor of the coffee. If you are looking for convience and want to skip the clean up do what millions do every day and keep your local coffee shop in biz!!
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Thanks but that's not the one I was talking about. It's much smaller. I'm going to say it once again. It is just like a regular coffee maker only without the pot.
I'm not much of a coffee drinker so please hold the insults. My husband and I was just looking to purchase one for our home. We have lots of friends who drink coffee and it would come in handy.
Do me a favor...check your skin it seems a bit thin....I was not insulting you...but as I said in my last post...what you are looking for is a liquid coffee maker...it will have little packs a bit larger than a to go coffee creamer....a needle of some sort will poke a hole in it and infuse water....and I showed you the commercial version...be patient and I will try to find the home version.. :grin:
I don't know if this helps at all but I have seen at Walmart and regular stores a little drip coffee maker that has a travel mug instead of a pot. I have seen those everywhere though for quite a few years so it's probably not what you are looking for, but maybe similar.
Adding to that thought... There are lots of coffee makers that don't have a pot, like a percalator, a french press, and others that I can't remeber the names of because I just woke up, but some of the other coffee fans can think along those lines and know what I'm thinking of or if I remember I will add them in later. Hope that helps
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Oh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
That is exactly what I was talking about. I guess it was the Home Shopping Network Channel we happen to see it on. Thanks!
Coffee in a cup

I saw this machine on tv also and though it looks neat, I'm afraid it would burn the coffee inside of the machine instead of letting it burn in the pot. You might want to try a machine that brews into a thermal carafe. I know Starbucks makes one and it's really nice because it's easy to clean up and never burns the coffee (I know, I had one in my dorm room.) Anyway, just a suggestion, btw, wait till the Christmas sales start, everything is so much cheaper then!