Power light on Starbucks Athena not working


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Jun 7, 2005
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I am a newbie to the Espresso world. I recently recieved from my sister a 21/2 year old Starbucks Athena. The machine had probably not been used for almost 1 year and a total of only 25 shots in the prior year.

I turned the machine on and it seem to work good for about 15 shots in 5 days. I called somebody from Starbucks and they walked me thru the machine. He walked me thru priming it and it seemed to work good. Now after only 4 days of using it, something is wrong.

When you turn the machine on, sometimes the light on the power button does not come on and you cannot hear anything at all coming on. Yesterday morning i tried turning on the machine and it ran for one shot of espresso and then it went off. The power light went off and the ready light went off. I tried to turn on the machine again later in the day and it would not come on. The power light itself would not come on.

Then this morning, i tried to power it on, and the light came on and i heard the machine starting to heat up. I open the valve on the frothing wand and only a couple of drops of water came thru and then the machine power went down.

Does any company still sell parts for this SAECO made machine? Does anybody have any idea what is wrong with this machine?

Appreciate your help