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Feb 21, 2006
Statesboro, GA
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How long should a shop keep their coffee in a press pot?

I am not a fan of a press pots. I think coffee is not given justice when served lesser than fresh. But it seems in general theese days old Joe is not given justice.

I guess its the increase of fraps or caps has decreased the sell of coffee

I've wondered the statistics. Everytime I order a black cup of coffee at a coffee shop, I don't see many others drinking that. I see a lot of fraps and caps. It would also seem to me if you wanted to attract coffee drinkers (me) lol you'd have fresh coffee (make a half pot, offer a french press, don't make too much in advance).

There is one shop in particular. They are pretty popular in town. I've never been a fan of it. But I go because sometimes its my only option. Its an independent shop. I bought some peruvian beans which were awesome. But everytime I go and get a cup of coffee from there its from a press pot and tastes not very good. I'm thinking you have good coffee (beans) so why not make it right.

I love going to a coffee shop and trying a fresh cup of a something that I haven't tried before. I think this is an area that is being missed out on.

I've come to ask the shops How long ago did you make that coffee? Just because its hot doesn't mean its still good.

just some thoughts

I had some equal exchange mind body soul blend today out of the coffee maker at work. Pretty good.



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Aug 25, 2006
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they shouldnt keep it in the press pot if its been pass brewed time. keeping the coffee in the same pot as spent coffee could ruin it. otherwise a press pot is probably one of the best ways to brew coffee rival to the perculator but both have their flaws.