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Mar 9, 2008
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I have a 1955 Probal L12 which is running on natural gas. I''m thinking of moving my roasting facility where the only option for gas is LPG. I''ve read some of the posts, and most focus on the safety. That aside, does anyone know how much LPG a machine like mine uses? (eg., per hour of roasting) I''m trying to estimate how may little tanks I''ll go through or if the only reasonable choice is to use a large tank (which may not be practical here) I don''t want to find myself switching tanks every hour, or loosing a batch because I couldn''t change it fast enough. Thanks, John.
I dont think you have to change the thank in 1 hour because the machine burner run with LPG instead of natural gas.
You will see some different consuption compared with different fuel but difference may become big in term of heating power which LPG is greater and may cause some problem . Roasting to fast for example ??.
Anyway consuption must to be evaluate according to Kcalories obtained from burner - you have more consuption in the same time higher temperature. Some fine tuning on the burner can reduce consuption.
The same tank size countein more LPG than Natural Gas so you can try with a regular tank size, but to be sure there are normally 2 size of thank and you can choose the big one
Not easy to estimate hour consuption, many times those numbers are expounded in different method LPG in KG and natural gas in Mt/Cubics

Some questions: Is 1955 the year of construction? If so WOW!! Then what probat use at that time to roast, flames or different system? Sorry I wasnt born yet at that time. I'm just curious . I work with new burners, air convector and stuff like that and not very familiar with flames or different things.
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The roaster was made in 1955 and refit to EU standards. It's still on Natural gas, but I may have to change to LPG anyway to get a hotter burning fuel. I feel the natural gas where I am does not burn very hot and my roasts are taking too long. I thing the gas has a lot of coal gas in it.