Problems Using the Frother on Gaggia valesca


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Sep 10, 2019
this is my very first coffee machine & first time to use one- making the coffee was reasonably simple - but when I wanted to Froth the milk- is when I had problem.

I use a Large Mug- put little bit of milk in- put mug under Frothing nozzle - turn On-froth - so when its frothing I notice the Longer I keep the mug submersed in Nozzle - the more froth milk it makes -including the froth spilling out of the mug - if I had pulled the mug away early - then Steam would have gone all over my Table- I tried pressing the Froth button again in the hope this would stop the frothing process straight away - But No -it did not turn off.
Please can someone explain what Im doing wrong ?

I Love the video that Mark made at - KWGiDWrkLxU -but does Not show Frothing milk - for this Particular model.
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