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Apr 14, 2005
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I am doing a project for highschool, and I am wondering if you guys could help me out. For my enterprise education class I have to make a business plan for a business, not a real one, just an idea. My business is a small coffee shop. Sorta like the equivlent of Central Perk on friends. where they meet all the time. A small place with about 6 two seater table, and 4 four seater tables, as well as a couch and a long coffee table, and two armchairs. There will be art work and music and that kind of thing. I will serve coffees, teas, sandwhichs, soups, and all sorts of deserts, as well as other drinks, of like varios coffee styled drinks, hot and chilled, and italian sodas.

From the research I have done there will be about cash flow of about 72 thousand dollars candain, a bit high for starting off, but alot of the rent cost and stuff are low/.

Anyway, I would to know the price of like inventory, supplies, and equipment. Also an esitmate on insurance would be nice.

Thanks very much.

Paul Healey
Are you saying you have 72,000 to invest in a coffee shop? Or are you saying its going to take 72,000?

A small coffee shop does not have to require a whole lot of capital if you are brewing coffee and teas that you only have to brew. The big money comes in if you choose to roast and grind your own coffee. Also location plays a key point in price as far as rent, utilities are concerned. The bigger the city (market) the more expensive it will be.

To purchase coffee already roasted and ground, it will cost an average of $25/case. One case hase 6/3lb cans. This is for a decent, customer focused quality coffee.

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Build out can be expensive ...and espresso machines aren't cheap over 5,000 American to the cases of coffee no offense but you really do not want to buy ground coffee for a coffee want your coffee to be as fresh as possible. Sorry that is just my opinion :wink: