puzzled about the what model my machine is???


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Jan 11, 2005
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Back in the days before kids, hubby had a small coffe shop ( we met there!) Life moved on, and all that remains is the espresso machine gathering dust in a dark corner of the basment. Recently we've decided we need the dark corner for storage, So w've decided to part ways with the thing. I've searched the intenet looking for a picture of it with little success. It's made by Nuova Simonelli and it is a two group lever macine. The front is chrome and the sides are red ( looks like thick red plastic). Hubby says he was given the machine from a friend who's parents had it in their basement. It looks alot like a Victoria Arduino Athena Classic lever machine but with red (plastic???) instead of copper. There's a manufactures plate on the front that says:
ART.15 D.M. 21-5-75
O.M.T N.F.11019
Can anyone tell me what model it it and maybe what it's worth??? I remember what a wicked coffee it made fondly!
Due to it age and if it has sat in the basement with out ever being drained properly, probably nothing. The market on ebay isn't that great for old lever machines. Take some pictures of it, if you can fire it up to see if it still works.

If it still works like the last day your hubby used it, then list it on ebay around $200 to $400 and see where it goes from there. Make the buyer responsible for crating and shipping. This will add close to $150 to the final value of the machine. This is only to say if it sales.

If it doesn't you could relist it 2 or 3 more times, I would probably junk it if it didn't sell the 1st time. If you junk it, all you need is a screwdriver, wrench, allen wrenches and maybe a few sockets to help out. Take all the copper out and sell it as scrap metal. Throw away the rest.

Before you do anything though remember to take pictures of it so you can at least remember the better days! :)
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Guess what we did last nite? Lugged the darned thing upstairs and plugged it in!! Boy is it heavy!!! Hubby had remarked that he had loved it so much because it ran on 110. We backwashed it, ran through a couple of shots and it was just like the old days!! It worked like a hot damn with the exception of a little of the steam in the pressure gauge, ( it got a little foggy for about the first five minutes ). We've decided to donate it to the drop-in center for street kids in our community! Thanks for the feed back, I'm still wondering why I can't find a picure of it on line?