Question About Breville ikon


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Nov 19, 2007
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Hello I have a Breville Ikon and a grups GVX2 Grinder. I cannot seem to pull 2 oz of espresso in 20-25 seconds. The espresso comes out with a nice honey like consitency. I timed the machine with no espresso in it and it takes about 25 seconds to pull 2 oz of straight water. Please Help. Thanks


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Well two things come to mind. First the grinder isn't hitting on much. Believe me, I used to think I could get away with one of the $50 grinders, but you really can't. Those grinding wheels beat the beans to death, not slice or crush them. Secondly, I think your machine uses pressurized baskets and with that in mind you have to throw the 25 second rule out the window. I personally think too many people get caught up in the time/volume thing. I NEVER go by volume or time, simply looking for the right color and pour pattern and when it starts to blond that's it. The grounds have had everything decent extracted from them and won't give up anything else except bitterness. There are so many variables in espresso it's impossible to have every single shot identical to the last. Later!