Question for Coffee Shop Owners


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Dec 16, 2004
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I am wondering if many coffee shops have any problems with slip and fall accidents in their stores (from employees or customers)? If so, what kinds of problems have they created for your business (lawsuits, workers' comp claims, OSHA fines, etc.)

I am wondering because my company has done work with grocery stores, restaurants and hotels, and I want to know if coffee shops might be a market I should focus on to help them if slip and fall accidents are a problem or concern.

Not trying to market my business here, but just so you have a small idea of what I'm talking about - we go into businesses that have floors that are normally "slippery when wet" and treat the floors with a chemical process that makes them slip resistant to keep people from slipping and falling (and keep the business owners from having to pay claims, lawsuits and high insurance rates all the time).

I would just like to get any information from coffee shop owners to find out if this is a problem or concern in your industry. Thanks so much for any feedback! :grin: