Question: Looking for "genuine" Blue Mountain beans in the UK


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Sep 29, 2017
Hi all, i only just joined, and came primarily to ask a question concerning a brand, or locality of coffee beans, if that is ok?

It is about Jamaican Blue mountain coffee, which, several years ago, someone made me a coffee, from fresh BM beans, and, it was by far the most amazing cup of coffee i have ever drank, I cannot even actually remember the taste specifically, it was not even the taste i remember, it was the effect.
Never have i had a cup of coffee like it, that drink, made my mouth buzz, and literally every part of my throat it touched on the way down buzzed, and cheered me up no end.

So i come to ask, does anyone know of any coffee dealers, in the uk, which sell "genuine" blue mountain beans, as i remember my friend said that it has to have a certain mark on the package, some logo to certify its origin, and i didn't want to go and spend that much money on something, that is not exactly what i expected, and i fear on places like ebay, many of them might not actually be, what they say it is.~

Thank you for reading my initial post, and i do hope it is not in the wrong section :)

- Karl

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