Rating a Moka Pot, pro's and cons? anyone?


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Jun 15, 2006
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Moka's generate great tasting coffee. Not quite the same taste as an Espresso machine, but not far from it. But coffee is all about personal taste, not what machine you use. If you love the taste, then go for it. And Moka Pots are not super expensive (compared to the machines).

This link covers off the Moka brewing technique with a couple of handy tips thrown in for good measure.
http://www.the-java-cafe.com/Coffee-Bre ... thods.html

If you want a trendy looking Moka, then check out this review:

Remember, coffee is a very personal experience, if you enjoy Moka Pot coffee, then what's stopping you?!?!


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Sep 20, 2005
Austin, TX therabouts
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You can spend a little or a lot. The octagonal aluminum ones are fairly cheap. You can go polished stainless for a lot more money. Functionally, they are probably about the same.

Then you get into the whole aluminum / acid/ diet / alzheimers thing. Now why was I writing this post...?