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May 8, 2008
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Re: Fair Trade

I am opening a coffee shop and i am focusing on issues such as fair trade. Has someone got idea how can i register with fair trade and how would i be able to send a %of my profit to the developing countries that produce coffee beans>>>>


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Feb 28, 2008
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Hello "asad781"

I totally agree with ElPugDiablo when she wrote, "Make a profit first. That is the hard part. You will find you will have no problem giving money away."

It's great that you're anticipating making a profit and you want to give a percent of it to developing countries that produce coffee beans. If you keep thinking positively like that, and if you work hard and smart enough, you will eventually have some profit to share with others.

If you do an on-line Google search for Fair Trade Organizations, I'm sure you will find information on how to donate your profits to a group that will put them to good use.

Best wishes.

I would say that you have a number of choices. Initially you sould buy FairTrade greens through the UK based organisations that deal with farmers and smallholders in coffee growing countries. Through certification you can be sure that the growers are being treated farily.

Secondly you could donate a porportion of the profit from those forementioned coffees to organisations providing a direct bridge to those in origin countries. That may be through big NGO's or church groups.

Finally, and maybe further down the track, you can follow the example of roasters based in buying countries, follow the examples of companies such as Deans Beans - that is visit and develop a real and longterm relationship with growers (in Deans case in Aceh). Relationship coffee= knowing your growers intimately and ultimatley working with them directly, paying them fair and ethical prices for their coffee, is the future of specialty coffee globally.