Reality Check re Location...


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May 3, 2007
Reality check needed! Just wanted to see if anyone could provide some advice about a double drive-thru location I have been looking at and think will work well. I live in a Southern city (population around 150,000) that''s not highly \"coffee educated\" (but we do have a few home grown shops, a Coffee Beanery and S-bucks has opened one store with a drive thru and has another under construction with no drive-thru). The location is on the morning side of the road with traffic counts at about 10,000 going South and 10,000 going North (20,000 total). This part of the street is in a lower income neighborhood but is a five lane road that''s one of the main routes for professionals to get into the \"Uptown\" district from the North side of town, where the majority of the local professionals live. It sits one lot South of a traffic light, is next to a Shell station and has a decel lane. Thanks for your help and advice!!


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Mar 10, 2007
Cook Islands
hello. it sounds as though you're going to be trying to "pull" people off the main road. with no foot traffic, this is a hit or miss, but so long as you have very good accessibility and very good signage you can do it. those 2 things are the key for a site like that. once you "pull" them in you can use your excellent service to make them regular customers. this "QSR" is hit and miss, unfortunately, and experts even get it wrong a lot of times. accessibility and signage.