Procuring a Location


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Apr 22, 2014
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I'm in the final stages of business plan prep, applying for my loan this week, and then it's all systems go on my drive-thru stand! Next week we are finalizing our roasts, and after I have the roasts and company polo shirts I plan on approaching a few small businesses about renting space in their parking lots. I am pretty good with people, more so in person than online, but I wondered if anyone could share road blocks they came upon/tips on how to present things in a positive light. For instance, Plan A is the parking lot of a gas station on the best intersection I scoped out.. Who should I ask for (I'm assuming manager/owner) and how should I approach initiating the conversation? Has anyone ran into concerns on the gas station's part about affecting their sales of coffee/energy drinks? How were concerns alleviated? These concerns must not be too prominent, as many stands I saw in the Northwest and down in the city here are location close to or in gas station lots.

My plan for getting our roasts in the little delis and bistros is easier- show up professional, wearing company shirts and providing samples and literature, and a breakdown of what their profit would be per cup with the upgrade in coffee (we have some busy little restaurants with BAD coffee.)

I have Plans A-E on locations, so I know that SOMETHING will work out, but just wanted advice on procuring the spot once you've done the research and nailed down the top locations.