Recently upgraded, best way to sell used espresso machine and grinder


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Nov 17, 2021
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Hello everyone. I am looking for tips and suggestions about the best way to sell used coffee equipment. I recently upgraded to a Silvia Pro and Niche Zero grinder. I am looking to sell my used Silvia V3 with PID and Rocky doserless grinder. For folks who have sold their equipment, how and where did you list it?
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Aug 15, 2005
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I've used Craigslist, OfferUp, the used coffee equipment group on Facebook as well as their 'local' marketplace. Go a bit high on asking price as you will always get lowball offers, etc. Also, be ready for all sorts of scam activities that goes hand-hand with most selling platforms these days. Not quite 2 yrs ago I stepped up to a Silvia Pro as well and it's a seriously capable machine. The V1 I had for years was heavily modified by me and worked well and I let it go for a pretty fair price, finally selling through FB Marketplace.

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