Recommend a Single or Double Cup Machine???


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Oct 4, 2006
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We have a small office. At most there are three of us working here at a time and we're all "good coffee" addicts. I would LOVE to find a good single or double cup coffee maker that doesn't use pods. I've had "pod coffee" before and it's good, but to me the cons out weigh the positives:

- the pods are expensive
- packaging is wasteful (right?)
- limited in my selection of coffee

Can someone recommend a coffee maker that meets my needs? I'm almost ready to just start making espresso in the morning, but I drink them too fast!


Hi, I am new to this site, but I am Coffee MAD, I recently bought a machine by Mellerware, I took it home and had endless problems, the machine leaked, the measures were inconsistant, it was very noisy and it produced very little Crema, I was very disappointed, anyway I went to a Home Fair Expo and met up with a man who was selling SPADA coffee machines, fully automatic, he made me a double espresso, it was fantastic, thick Crema and the taste was exceptional, I bought the top of the range machine, it cost me R 7500,00 which would convert to roughly $ 1000,00, it came with 2lbs of SPADA espresso beans and he threw in a couple of packets of SPADA biscotti, which were also delightful.

They delivered the machine, set it up for me and I am really really happy with my SPADA machine.

The machine comes from Switzerland, and I reccommend this product, it is top class, if you can find this machine where you are then you cant go wrong.

Since purchasing my SPADA machine the Mellerware machine has also for some unknown reason started to work perfectly, Machine ENVY???? I dont know, but it is very strange, so now when I entertain friends for some pick-me-up espresso I have two machines to work with, they both do two cups, so thats very convienient.

Anyway thats my story, I hope that you find that perfect machine, I dont know how I managed all those years going to coffee shops for my fix, it is best to make your own, you decide the strength and you know what beans are going into your coffee.
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that's wonderful, but I want a coffee maker, not an espresso machine! And I can't find anything that does what I want without using pods...
When you say "single or double cup" I think a Keurig would fit the bill. They don't use pods, but rather K-cups and there are alot of varieties available to suit most people and if bought in volume it's not very expensive. Pros with them is consistency, user friendly, no grinder needed and no mess.

Speaking of grinders, you didn't mention one. Proper grind and FRESH coffee is a MUST to have truly great coffee. If you'd like to source good coffee and still want a drip type machine check this out...

Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Makes Your Coffee The Way You Like It | TalkAboutCoffee

The chicks at Seattle Coffee Gear did a video review on it and the majority of their staff preferred what it brews over the Technivorm... Intro video is here...

SeattleCoffeeGear's Channel - YouTube

AND the blind taste test is here...

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