replacing gaskets?


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Jun 19, 2009
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Hi All,

I am brand new to the forums. I recently ran across a situation with my Gaggia Classic. I had neglected replacing the gasket for several years and it leaked for a while, but I was able to get a good shot of espresso out of it, when I needed one. (which is about everyday) All of sudden, I started having issues with my machine and I had it looked at by a pro. He said that I wasn't back flushing enough, I said okay and then he looked at the gasket and said that this needs to be replaced every 6 months. I thought that was kind of odd...does anyone have any suggestions or that really supposed to be replaced that often?


First off.... define "pro".... IMO a pro is simply a person that gets paid to do something in particular, but surely shouldn't imply they know everything there is to know about that particular subject.

The group gasket should be replaced often, but it all depends on usage, how long the machine is left on, how tight you lock the portafilter in, how well you clean the gasket, etc.... I'd say once a year or so would be fine. The Linea at work stays on 10 hrs. daily and those gaskets lasted 8-9 months before showing signs.

How often do you backflush? If you're doing 1 shot daily give or take there's not much need to backflush too often, maybe a few times monthly. AND be sure to research it and do it properly if you're not sure how to do it or the machine will suffer.

Regarding the gasket, they cost $6 or so and shipping and I'd order a few just so I didn't have to re-order too soon and they are usually easy to get out. Now the Linea at work was a pain in the a$$ because they hadn't been cleaned enough and were fossilized by the heat and wear and I had to break the gaskets out in pieces and pull them out. Just take your time and be careful not to damage anything.

To put the new gasket in..... there "should" be some orientation as to the right direction to put it in and use the old one for reference. The Linea gaskets were flat on the back side and had a bit of taper on the front so there was a tight seal against the basket. Push it up in the channel by hand, then use something smooth and blunt to slowly work it in the channel. Then lock the portafilter in slowly to finish seating it. Oh be sure to clean the grouphead thoroughly before replacing with a new gasket. Later!