Research on Opening a Coffee Shop


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Apr 12, 2004
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Hi! I am new to this site... but I have been reading some of the posts and am very impressed with the knowledge/experience/passion some of you have. I am opening a coffee shop, and would like to know what else I need to research before spending money on securing a lease, coffee-shop consultant, equipment, inventory, etc.

I have been doing A LOT of research. So far I have bought several books on the history of coffee and tea (also planning to serve tea) and other business-related books. I have observed the pedestrian (and vehicle) traffic in the areas/locations I am looking at. I have also done some research on the demographic profiles of the areas. I also understand the importance of a skilled barista. A great looking shop with not-so-great coffee is pretty worthless.

Any help with any of the following would be GREATLY appreciated!

*Where is the best place to get equipment?
*Is it easier/better/cost-effective to roast your own coffee? Or to buy the beans from elsewhere?
*Anyone know a good tea supplier with a good variety?
*Should I just focus on coffee/pastries? Are other foods profitable?
*Is it worth it to hire a baker? Employ a local bakery?
*How many cups (downtown area of large city) a day would I expect to sell?
*How important is the name of the shop?

I could go on forever! Sorry for all the questions... any info would be helpful.