Resting Roasted Coffee


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Sep 5, 2004
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Question - In resting freshly roasted coffee, are the beans subject to air or are they sealed in an airtight canister? Everyone chats about how resting is so important for the Co2 to be release and the flavors to properly develop, but no one mentions the finer detail (sealed or not sealed).

In my deduction, I would guess (and have been) that one would want to seal freshly roasted beans for the resting period. But, I was not sure if the CO2 had a negative impact on the beans if left to stew (in an airtight canister). I know oxygen is a freshness deteriorater when it comes to fresh roasts, but just don;t know for this step????

Nevertheless, this resting thing has me restless at night.

Thank ya!
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So if I hear you correctly, the bags are sealed and the coffee is protected from air immediately after roasting and the valve is a one-way that only lets the excess CO2 out.


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