Revamped website

I've done many updates and made quite a few changes to the site in the past number of months, and the time has come for me to turn it over to my peers for review.

The one thing I've noticed is a slow load-time. I think it has to do with the pages that I have on the server that are not active. Since I only carry a few beans at a time right now, I've suspended the "coffee by origin" section, which is loaded with great info and neat graphics, but empty of product haha

Also, since I'm the new-kid on the block with zero origin trips, I have no rights to origin-specific photos. If you guys are feeling giving and have some flicks of coffee trees or any source photos that you wouldnt mind my using (for the time being), please contact me.

As always, thank you for this site, as it holds a great amount of priceless information, and has proven a most valuable assets.

GRC Roasters