ROASTER COMMERCIAL 25lb. Royal Number 5 Roasting Machine Circa 1910 $11,275 OBO


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Feb 9, 2016
Royal Number 5 commercial roasting machine coffee/peanuts Circa 1910. In excellent working condition with all the original parts intact and working (including original cooling tray with screen and lit up sign on top of roaster). I routinely roasted over 1000 pounds per week. It will also do test roasts as small as a 1/2 lb. It is mobile easily sets up at street fairs, state fairs, special
events, seminars, convention centers or in a shop window. Collects its own chaff. Under 30,000 Btu's so not covered by most ordinances. I have been roasting with this since 1984 my father used it starting in 1964. Can set this up to roast in 15 minutes if you are interested contact me Paul
Check out the YouTube video links :

Roaster pic1.jpgRoaster pic 5.jpgROASTER PIC 4.jpgROASTER PIC 3.jpgROASTER PIC 2.jpg


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Sep 20, 2015
This is a very nice looking roaster. I watched the video, as well. Nice. The first link worked for me but not the second. I wish you good luck with the sale of your roaser and I know the moderators sure appreciate it if you follow up with another post once it sells, to let everyone know.


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Feb 28, 2008
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Hello Roastmaster2,

Welcome to the Coffee Forums.

Please post a message here when your roaster is sold. That way, people won't keep asking about it, and we can close this thread.



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Feb 9, 2016
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Thank you Rose I will follow your instructions and appreciate your help. I am originally from your neck of the woods Reading Pa. this roaster came out of Planters Peanuts on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in 1964 was used in Reading then went to Kona (Kona Coffee) for 30 years. It has worked well all this time. Thank you again for your wonderful website. Paul