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May 19, 2008
Looking for some information on training courses for beginning roasters. I am a total newbie to the roasting world and am looking for a good general start from the beginning.Have read through some of the threads here and realize it takes years to learn but would like a good start to build on.
Anyone familiar with Coffee Lab's School of Coffee in Vermont? Mentioned this as it is the closest to me here in New Brunswick,Canada.

Bill Laine

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Jan 5, 2008
New Orleans
I know this isn't what you are looking for but one way would be to get 10# of, say, one of Sweet Maria's espresso blends, and work with it exclusively till the bag is gone.

That's kinda how I'm doing it. Read a little, roast a little, read a little, roast a little. It's the slow way but I think I'll get somewhere someday.

New Orleans


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Oct 18, 2004
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Coffee Labs could be a great resource. If they have a class that fits your needs I would highly recommend it. We offer a more one on one approach with full roasting start up as well, and you may also look at Willam Boot's classes. It's so important to get quality training up front.

- Matt


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Jul 16, 2004
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I took Coffee Lab's roasting class and it was great. The class I was in everyone was already in the coffee business, and have some roasting time, so I think it will be best if you have done do some reading, cupping and roasting, even if it home roasting.

roaster dave

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Aug 6, 2008
Guelph, Ontario
I''m surprised no one mentioned the roasters guild yet!! ( there is a wealth of information there, as well as many classes available through the scaa and the roasters guild retreats.

I''ve been roasting for near 6 years now, and with the guild, I have no idea what I\"d have done!!

Of course, coffee labs and Mr. Boot are most excellent choices too!!



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Mar 4, 2007
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dunn bros

What about starting out roasting at a Dunn Bros coffee shop? They roast in-house on a nice size roaster don't they? I am not sure if they do any cupping but maybe a good entry level start. Anyone familiar with them??


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Aug 17, 2008
Honolulu, Hawaii
Roasting Course

I took the roasting course offered by Steve Diedrich in Sandpoint Idaho, I highyl reccomend this course, Steve and his family have been in the roasting world for a long time and he is extremely well versed in the specialty coffee industry. This course helps you to learn the different control methods for the heat transfer to the beans and how they can dramatically change the flavor of your profiles! Look on thier web-page for more info,


Justin Smith
COO Mahalo Coffee Company