Roasting and Grinding

I'm typing on a pda.. Thought I asked but its not here... I'm going to takin my roaster to the market in the am and realized I'm going to be roasting and grinding shortly out of the roaster. Is that going to hurt the flavor more than waiting to grind a day or so? Like.. Will the flavor mature or will it keep that right out of the roaaster blah?
Jan 18, 2008
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Good point GreenDude. I totally agree that the market goers will be so thrilled to see their coffee being roasted fresh while they wait, they won't mind hearing from you that the coffee won't be at peak flavor until after a couple days of resting. Though, chances are they won't wait that long, nor would I, but at least they were enlightened by you to the fact.
I've always let my coffee degas for a day or two before grinding.. thats just how i learned, and i never considered grinding only moments out of the roaster because they taste no-where near their peak.. so i was nervous about it.. so nervous that i scrapped that plan 100%. I will not roast and grind like that... its a disservice to the coffee to rob its flavor and sell it off as a gimmicky form of entertainment.

the only way ill roast at a market is if i've got degassed beans to sell in their place as i roast, and i wont do that till i get more customers and i dont end up holding a 40 lb bag of roasted beans with no customers to give them to lol. oh the paradox.

on another note, this also solidifies my decision to roast in-store once im open.. so i can sell it as a damn good coffee AND a gimmicky entertain at the same time.


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May 19, 2009
Temecula, CA
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I'm not certain how degassing rate changes between whole bean and ground. From my experiences, I haven't found much of a change of flavor as long as its drank 3 days after its roasted. You can drink it fresh out of the roaster but the coffees flavor won't peak until degassing is complete.