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Aug 14, 2003
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Meforevercrazy. You might want to see the smaller roasters he has listed. The 150 is a monster. On that note...Karl, I am confused how you priced this listing. You have it priced at $53750 and below the price you say includes "$38,000" after burner. Is the after burner a separate price or included in the $53k?

Karl O

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Sep 28, 2021
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US Roasters built us a new horizontal Afterburner for the 150 Kilo because the afterburner that came with the 150 could not handle dark roasts. The new unit cost S38,000 and was plumbed to the 150 but it never was used. The 150 Kilo grouping includes the new afterburner for the total asking price of $53,700. Our 60 Kilo Ambex ended up handling our roasting needs right up until the plant closed.