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Jan 19, 2008
Cocoa Beach, FL
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Came across a few sites where folks mentioned using old Royal #5's for roasting their coffee. Anyone care to share their opinions? What's the capacity? Hows does it compare? Is it messy to operate? Is it a good shop roaster to learn on?

They are awesome!! I roasted on one for 2 years. The only problem I had was finding a trier for it..I ended up using a wee ladle. My hand turned a bright orange/red from all the smoke coming out the hole for the trier. They are cool to use in a shop atmosphere..keep us posted if you buy one.
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Topher, I'm currently looking at a Cretors replica Royal #5. Do you know if it is as good as the original?

Does the roaster have a trier?

Where does the roaster exhaust to?
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Crap, I''m buying it. Seems like a neat way to learn roasting. Oldschool. I really want a Ambex or Probat but can't really afford one with all the buildout expenses.
Well, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or anything. The roaster has a late 1800s design and does not have the same controls over airflow and drum rpm etc. that modern roasters have. You will just have to make the most of it. Perhaps you could roast coffee's on it that react well to a smokey slow roast, like Guatemala or Sumatra.

It looks like I have a royal #5 to sell. How can I tell if it''s a replica or the real deal? Where should I post it - or does anyone have some marketing ideas? I am in South Carolina and will be photographing it today. Sunday, July 13, ''08.