Royal No.5 Question - Asbestos?


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Aug 10, 2008
Lancaster, PA
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I recently purchased a Royal No.5 and was told that there is probably asbestos insulation in it. I am interested in restoring it to it's original state and plan on roasting in it. Is it harmful to leave the insulation intact, or should I have it removed? If it is removed, what type of insulation can be substituted in it's place? I've looked at the insulation and it appears to be in decent shape. If anyone has any experience with this, I'd appreciate any information!

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asbestos update!

Well, there is definitely asbestos in the roaster. I started taking the top metal layer off of the main body of the roaster as it is in need of replacement, and there it was... At this point, I'll probably call someone to have it removed. Not sure I want to remove it myself considering the risks.

Question: Does anyone know if the larger insulation material inside the actual roasting chamber contains asbestos as well?

I'm convinced this will all be worth it once I smell the aroma of freshly roasted beans!