Saeco Royal Professional Tips and tricks?

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when you hold 3 buttons and press ON - you go in secret area...
i want to know more. Do you know? Or could some one send me an info to my e-mail?
The code buttons are for testing only and will not change anything on the machine. I repeat they will not change anything on the machine. The only area that the customer can make adjustments is in the menu area. It is not a good idea to play with the buttons except for making adjustments to your settings. You may jeopardize your warranty.
a very useful tip

I was able to change my dredgedraw alert to twenty portions ( from 30) to make sure I don't miss cleaning it ( also at 30, the machine got messy)
I know better then mucking with things I don't have inside info on, but there are some good settings I'll certainly be tweeking with a very little bit.

My machine was listed as being made on valentines day of 2000.

For high altitude use, looks like you can adjust the thermal cut outs.

Quite useful indeed.[/quote]